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Read through our list of current class descriptions.  If you are unsure of where to place your skater, register for the skill class they last participated in, and the coaches will adjust them as necessary.  If your skater is age 5 and under, Snowplow Sam will begin their skating adventure.  Ages 6 and up will begin at the Basic 1/2 level.

Some classes may not be available due to lack of skaters, and new classes may become available with additional interest.  Many of the classes are add-ons to the basic levels, so check with coaches if interested in adding more classes to find the best fit for you or your skater's level.  Registration will remain open for 2-3weeks after classes begin to accommodate any additions or changes.    


Snowplow Sam

Our Snowplow Sam class teaches the very basic fundamentals of skating.  Students age 5 and under will learn through games and play how to march, bend, glide, and even how to fall correctly and stand back up!  Skaters are encouraged to wear warm clothing, including snowsuits, gloves, and some sort of protective helmet such as a bike or skiing helmet.


Classes are held for 30 minutes twice a week, and skaters will have an additional 30 minutes of free time to play on the ice before or after class to hone their new found skills! 

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Pre-Synchro & Synchro

Kind of like synchronized swimming, but on much colder, firmer water, pre-synchro and synchro are team classes in which 8-20 skaters perform together.  Skaters learn elements such as block, circle, line, wheel, and intersection! 

These classes are for skaters who have mastered the basics, and coaches can place skaters who are interested into the correct group.  

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Remember the excitement of learning a new skill when you were younger?  Well, our Adult class proves that age really is just a number!  Many of our adult skaters are beginners with little to no skating background!  Adults meet for an hour twice a week where basic skills are taught, honed, and choreography is learned.  Participation in the winter and spring ice shows are absolutely voluntary, so don't be afraid to learn a new skill, even if it's just to recapture that thrill of learning!  

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Basic 1-6

Our Basic Skills classes are broken up into Basic 1/2, Basic 3/4, and Basic 5/6.  These classes are based on the skater's skill level and not necessarily on their age, so don't be surprised if your older or younger skater finds themselves in a class with different aged skaters.  Typically, a brand new skater age 6 and up will start their skating at the Basic 1/2 level.  Our coaches know what they're looking for when placing our skaters, and the goal is to advance our skaters based on their skill level.  Skating is a foundational sport, so we all have to walk, or march, before we glide!

Classes are held for 30 minutes twice a week, and skaters will have an additional 30 minutes of free time to play on the ice before or after class to hone their new found skills! 


Ice Dancing

Ice dancing combines the techniques of skating with the artistry of dance.  This class meets for 30 minutes once a week where skaters will focus on the interpretation of the music through precise steps done in a particular pattern to various tempos and rhythms such as the Waltz, Tango, and Foxtrot.  Coaches can help place skaters in this group as their skill levels increase. 



During our ice shows, many skaters from all levels including our very new skaters in Snowplow Sam up to Freestyle and even Adults may enjoy performing a solo.  Private lessons are required, at the skater's expense, in order to put together the choreography, music, costumes, and skating skills needed.  All soloists, or their parent/ guardian, will need to commit to helping set up/ tear down the shows that they perform a solo in.  Soloists in the ice shows may also consider using their number for one of our area competitions, though not required.  

If interested in performing a solo, speak with your skater's coach to find out how to best highlight your skater's skills.

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Our Pre-Freestyle class is where all those Basic skills really begin to come together!  Classes will meet for 45 minutes twice a week and build up those progressive skating skills, transitions, spins, and jumps in preparation for Low & High Freestyle.  

Low & High Freestyle classes meet for one hour twice a week and focus on smoothing out those skills, adding more technical spins and jumps, and bringing out those more advanced elements we know our skaters have in them!



Our Theater class combines the grace of figure skating with the excitement of theater and dance!  Tell a story with your fellow skaters through movement and song.  This class is open to all skill levels, so don't be afraid to really challenge yourself or your skater and bring music to life on ice!  

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Off Ice Training

Off-ice training helps skaters to improve their overall athleticism, strength, balance, and flexibility, which can enhance their on-ice performance and conditioning. It helps keep them safe and prevents injuries when they're on the ice. Class runs for 45 minutes once a week in the Archery Room upstairs. 

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